On January 17, 2019, 24 years after the Great Hanshin -Awaji Earthquake, Hyogo Safety Day is an event to reintroduce the awareness of weathering disaster prevention, disseminating experiences and lessons learned from the earthquake. This was also to ensure no one forgets 1/17. Along with disaster prevention drill, a disaster prevention exhibition was held.

Mr. Naoya Nishikawa, General Manager of Hyogo Prefectural Police Division, visited our booth, in which Mr. Matsushita and President Fukuoka explained the safety of Swift020 and specific procedures, such as security, disaster prevention, lastly countermeasures against terrorism.

There is Swift Engineering Inc., our parent company. Alex Echeverria, Director of Business development office, was also present. During the booth exhibition, the Self-Defense Forces and firefighters frequented the booth as well. President Kenji Fukuoka was invited to a dinner hosted by the Prime Minister and his wife. This was held at the Prime Minister’s official residence. There was a high-level discussion between Japan and Rwanda representation. No civilian representatives were present.

International Frontier Industrial Messe 2018, one of the largest industrial comprehensive exhibitions held in western Japan. The event was held at the International Exhibition Center on Port Island, Kobe City.

The exhibition was organized by Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe City, the New Industrial Creation Research Organization (NIRO), etc. held great excitement totaling 512 companies and organizations exhibiting for two days. The exhibition brought in 30,000 visitors. We attracted a great deal of attention as a venture company that embraces innovation.

Our booth attracted many government officials such as Hyogo Governor Toshizo Ido amongst other businesses. This gave them the opportunity to view and touch the Swift020 exhibited while listening to the explanation from our team, on display were demonstration videos of flights, etc. Doing so gave an introduction to those unfamiliar with drones.

With recent heavy rain, typhoon damages, and earthquakes, repeatedly after one another. This would encourage new technology for disaster response. Some individuals felt compelled to say this technology would be active in all aspects, including emergency medicine.

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